Summary of actions from the meeting

  1. Outstanding actions from the previous meeting:
    1. RA will email all his presentation.
    2. JB will send to all maps showing where waterbodies are failing due to agricultural practices.
    3. JB will send out the date arranged for the Wye ‘river activity days’.
    4. JB to update the timeline and distribute to all.
  2. MF to send out the updated Steering Group list of members and arrange for the list on the website to be updated.
  3. MF to chase Daryl Henehan (Thames Water) for his replacement on the group.
  4. JB to liaise with Brian Roberts to relay concerns about the Pang Valley Flood Alleviation scheme and get them communicated to the local authority.
  5. SW will send to all her report from the W Berks Farm and Countryside project in due course.
  6. MO to check on status of Wild Trout Trust project work on the Wye.
  7. MO to investigate setting up a sub-group of Revive the Wye to meet with FWR and the EA for the purposes of the S Chilterns catchment project.
  8. DG to find out about Goring & Streatley environmental group for the middle Thames sub-catchment. JA also suggested the Thames Rivers Trust.
  9. EA’s Options Appraisal document: this will become the catchment management plan. Other issues and options need to be identified by those on the SG. JB will send to ALL each document as it is completed for comment and additions, but it will only be expected that you comment on your particular patch.
  10. Suggested that the group should send the options appraisal document to Richard Aylard to try and get Thames Water buy-in to the catchment.
  11. MF asks the group for future help and guidance with the process of fundraising. ACTION: Julia and Mike to confirm with FWR that their contacts can help.
  12. MF: more representation was needed on the SG from councils, whether county, district or parish. ACTION: the group to forward possible names to FWR. DG mentioned Stuart Clarke of West Berkshire council.
  13. RA to talk to the Foundation for Water Research web designer about embedding an options appraisal map on the website.
  14. Biodiversity offsetting: DG to send MF the link to SE Green News. JB also to send out more information on this to the group.
  15. Natural England is producing National Character Area profiles. FWR will contact Vicky Robinson from NE to discuss overlaps with our work in the catchment.
  16. RA & JB to check if Little Marlow Lakes are a WFD waterbody.
  17. DG asked how to get involved with the ‘Love Your River’ campaign. RA to check with Karen Parker to see if anyone involved with ‘Love your River’ campaign.
  18. RA to get an update about Marlow HEP scheme (for MO).
  19. Date of next meeting of whole steering group: Tuesday 4 March 2014. Dates for sub-group meetings TBA.

Summary of main points from the meeting

  1. The EA will appoint ‘catchment co-ordinators’ by December 2013. JB to keep us updated on this.
  2. JB confirmed that the Pang sub-catchment will not be taken out of the S Chilterns catchment and placed with the Kennet.
  3. JB suggested the idea of holding less frequent ‘catchment overview’ steering group meetings, and more frequent smaller working group meetings of the sub-catchments. This was strongly supported.
  4. The group expressed the importance of having a representative from Thames Water present at the steering meetings.
  5. JB confirmed that the Challenges and Choices consultation was now live on the EA’s website and that the info collected from our workshops held in Feb 2013 had been used in their compilation.
  6. The EA explained their Options Appraisal document. Data has been collected, the main issues explained, the problems will then looked at and solutions suggested and developed. This will become the catchment management plan.
  7. It was agreed that we should aim, in the short-term, to have one project per sub-catchment for which we secure funding. Suggestions should be made by the SG, an expert judgement made and landowner agreement obtained. Factors to be taken into consideration are cost, priority and opportunities as they appear.


Maxine Forshaw (MF) Foundation for Water Research
Neil Tyler (NT) Foundation for Water Research
Jenni Balmer (JB) Environment Agency
Ross Agutter (RA) Environment Agency
Susan Servais (SS) Environment Agency (for Brian Roberts)
John Archer (JA) NFU
Mike Overall (MO) Revive The Wye & The Chiltern Society
Johnny Johnston (JJ) Royal Yachting Association
Dick Greenaway (DG) West Berkshire Countryside Society
Sally Wallington (SW) West Berkshire Farming & Countryside Project
Julia Lofthouse (JL) Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (for Giles Strother)


Allen Beechey (AB) Chiltern Chalk Stream Project
Brian Roberts (BR) Environment Agency
Daryl Henehan (DH) Thames Water
Henry Oliver (HO) North Wessex Downs AONB
Dave Wales (DW) Thame Fisheries Consultative
Richard West (RW) British Rowing
Vicky Robinson Natural England
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