22 APRIL 2013

Summary of actions from the meeting

  1. MF will update the Terms of Reference and distribute a second draft.
  2. MF to send Steering Group the email address list of members.
  3. FWR will place minutes on the catchment pilot section of their website.
  4. RA will email his presentation to all.
  5. SW will send FWR and EA a summary of the report from the Pang Valley Countryside Project (due end May).
  6. JB will send maps where waterbodies are failing because of agricultural interests to AF.
  7. JB will talk to EA agricultural officers re: WFD/agri-environment schemes.
  8. All to forward any details of Thames Water incidents to DH.
  9. JB/SW to investigate the possibility of a ‘Rivers Week’ activity (habitat enhancement work) on the Pang.
  10. FWR will distribute the EA list of issues and projects to all.
  11. Steering Group members who have not already done so, will send issues and projects lists to MF. Once compiled, FWR will distribute a master list of issues and projects.
  12. JB to raise with her line manager the issue of the Pang sub-catchment being taken out of the S Chilterns catchment and placed with the Kennet.
  13. JB to refine her timeline and distribute to all.
  14. JB/RA to send out the EA’s Options Appraisal document in August.
  15. The next meeting will be early August or early September.

Summary of main points from the meeting

  1. Parish Councils need to be represented via their local councils. Hopefully Oxfordshire CC will be represented in due course. Bucks CC should be approached again.
  2. Catchment Sensitive Farming does not overlap with our area but there are areas of mutual interest.
  3. EA must present ‘top priorities and options for action’ in June/July 2013. Jenni explained that the ‘options appraisal’ will then look at specific issues, and options for how to deal with them will be considered and a document will be produced, scheduled for August. A framework of the catchment plan must be produced in December 2013.
  4. The catchment management plan needs to be long-term rather than reacting to specific seasonal or one-off occurrences.
  5. AB pointed out that local stakeholders should decide the top priorities and that this group needs to reflect the stakeholders’ thoughts. The Wye/Pang/Middle Thames have different priorities.
  6. It is essential that stakeholders see the group taking action and doing things, not sitting in an office.
  7. The possibility of file sharing for the group was discussed, eg Drop Box. Consider again at next meeting.
  8. The catchment plan can be divided up in different ways, eg by issue or sub-catchment. It was agreed that it would be more useful to divide by sub-catchment as it will be clearer for people to look at.
  9. Should the catchment plan be on the web, available on disc or on paper? It was agreed that it should be web-based with some paper copies also available.


Maxine Forshaw (MF) Foundation for Water Research
Neil Tyler (NT) Foundation for Water Research
Jenni Balmer (JB) Environment Agency
Ross Agutter (RA) Environment Agency
Brian Roberts (BR) Environment Agency
Suzanne Bannon (SB) Environment Agency
John Archer (JA) NFU
Allen Beechey (AB) Chiltern Chalk Stream Project
Andrew Fielder (AF) Natural England
Dick Greenaway (DG) West Berkshire Countryside Society
Sally Wallington (SW) West Berkshire farming & Countryside Project
Daryl Henehan (DH) Thames Water
Henry Oliver (HO) North Wessex Downs AONB
Dave Wales (DW) Thame Fisheries Consultative
Richard West (RW) British Rowing


Lesley Stoner Wycombe District Council
Giles Strother (GS) BBOWT
Mike Overall (MO) Revive The Wye & The Chiltern Society
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