Upper River Wye (Source to High Wycombe) Projects

Brown Trout
River Wye Cores End © A. Beechey

A number of weirs still exist on the River Wye that impede the free passage of fish along the course of the river to a greater or lesser extent. The ultimate objective is that they all will be removed or modified such that fish have uninhibited movement the length of the water course.

  1. Culvert under Eden Shopping Centre. “Remaking the Wye” project by Wycombe District Council will redirect the river in to the open as de-culverting of the 1 km long culvert under the shopping centre is considered unfeasible due to cost.

    “Remaking the River Wye” in the centre of High Wycombe by bringing it out of the culvert that runs under a road and the Eden Shopping Centre thereby creating an attractive semi natural river channel running over approximately 350 m from Westbourne Street to the Abbey Way Fly-over. Total cost estimate - £2,540,000, main benefits Fish passage and reduced pollution.

  2. Oakridge Road. Removal or lowering of the weir could be investigated otherwise installation of a pre-barrage downstream in combination of some baulks on the spillway could be an option to ease fish passage. Cost estimate - £21,000, main benefits fish passage and flood improvements.

  3. Gauging Station, Pilot Industrial Estate. Establish with the EA whether the structure is still needed and whether it can be modified to ease passage for fish. Cost estimate - £21,000, main benefits fish passage and flood improvements.
Many sections of the Wye are devoid of marginal vegetation largely due to hard engineered banks. The introduction of “soft” techniques such as planting up coir logs can assist in the reestablishment of marginal plants. Initial estimate of 0.5 Km (250m on both banks) @ £100/mete inclusive = £50,000.
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Remaking the Wye
Oakridge Road