Lower River Wye (High Wycombe fire station to the Thames) Projects

River Wye Cores End
River Wye Cores End © M. Forshaw

A number of weirs still exist on the River Wye that impede the free passage of fish along the course of the river to a greater or lesser extent. The ultimate objective is that they all will be removed or modified such that fish have uninhibited movement the length of the water course.

  1. Bourne End Recreation Ground.
    Enhancement of habitat along a 150m stretch of the R. Wye that borders the Recreation Ground through a combination of tree management work and the installation of a variety of Large Woody Debris (LWD) structures, the objective of the scheme was to narrow the low flow section of the previously over-wide channel and to increase heterogeneity of flow and habitat for the benefit of fish and other wildlife.
These three projects (22, 23 and 24) were funded by both the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) under their Water Framework Directive - Environment Programme Catchment Partnership Action Fund 2015-2016 and the Rivers & Wetlands Community Days programme supported by Thames Water and led by the Wild Trout Trust. The work was undertaken together by the Chiltern Rangers and the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project.
  1. Rye Dyke.
    A Management Plan, prepared by the Environment Agency, exists detailing measures proposed to undertake planting of weeds and water lilies to encourage the growth of fish stocks.

  2. Young Roots Project
    Working with Wycombe District Council the Chiltern Rangers Young Roots Project conservation is working to improve the river habitat by the High Wycombe fire & police stations. See

As with the upper section of the Wye, many sections of the Lower Wye are devoid of marginal vegetation largely due to hard engineered banks. The introduction of “soft” techniques such as planting up coir logs can assist in the reestablishment of marginal plants. Initial estimate of 1.0 Km (500m on both banks at different locations) @ £100/mete inclusive = £100,000.

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Rye Dyke
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