Lower River Wye (High Wycombe fire station to the Thames) Projects

River Wye Cores End
River Wye Cores End M. Forshaw

A number of weirs still exist on the River Wye that impede the free passage of fish along the course of the river to a greater or lesser extent. The ultimate objective is that they will all be removed or modified such that fish have uninhibited movement the length of the water course.

  1. Conway Close.
    Possible removal of side weir to allow fish passage. Estimated cost 21,000.

  2. Station Road (Back Stream).
    Ensure culvert under road is clear without obstructions. Estimated cost 5,000.

  3. Trash Screen and weir. Station Road (Back Stream).
    Remove trash screen and small weir to facilitate fish passage. Estimated cost 21,000.

  4. Beech Road Ford.
    As the ford is no longer in use look to its removal altogether or a section of the weir to improve fish passage. Estimated cost 21,000.

  5. 17, 18, 19. Wycombe Retail Park.
    Fish pass needs assessing for its effectiveness and debris collector removed. Remove or modify upstream weir. Estimated cost 21,000.

  1. Bassetsbury Mill.
    Possible modification of side weir and channel to improve fish passage. Estimated cost 11,000.

Projects Map
Conway Close
Station Road
Trash Screen & Weir
Beech Road Ford
Wycombe Retail Pk