Lower Middle Thames (Reading to Cookham) Projects

Marlow Bridge
Marlow Bridge © FWR
  1. Reinstatement of Little Marlow Lakes and the discharge ditch. Habitat restoration for fish and invertebrates together with community work in the creation of a country park.

  2. The Abbotsbrook, Little Marlow - reduce urban diffuse pollution arising from Marlow’s Globe Business Park together with introduction of woody debris to promote turbulence raising dissolved Oxygen levels so improving habitat for fish and invertebrates.

  3. Hedsor Fish Pass – The EA propose to install a fish pass at Hedsor weir to provide a passage for fish up the river.

  4. Temple Island SSSI. Land owned by the Henley Royal Regatta but a restoration project is being undertaken by Sonning Common Green Gym volunteers to control invasive species and desilting of water courses to provide fish refuges.

  5. Kings Meadow Recreation Ground. Minor riparian works to ecology by improving plant communities create habitat and prevent erosion by passing boats. Potential for community involvement.

  6. Thames Valley Park. Potential for expanding habitat that already exists on the south bank of the river.

  7. Bisham. Potential for wetland habitat improvements.

  8. Henley STW. Modifications to works to improve discharge quality.

  9. Hennerton Backwater. In channel habitat improvements including LWD and canopy opening.

Projects Map
Little Marlow Lakes
Temple Island SSSI
Kings Meadow
Thames Valley Park
Henley STW
Hennerton Backwater