Pang and the River Bourne Projects

  1. Bradfield Mill – the restoration of a derelict fish bypass around Bradfield Mill owned by Bradfield College. The length of channel worked on was approximately 200m, and undefined in places and required formalizing by removing woody debris and trees from the channel to allow the water to cut a single more discrete channel. The channel was supported in places with brushwood faggots to reduce erosion. Improvements were also made at the head of the bypass to reduce the drop from River to the channel. A pre-barrage was created by placing individual pieces of stone at the head to raise water levels in the bypass channel to improve it for fish passage. The existing sluice was adapted so that the structure would not require constant managing as water levels in the River Pang change. Finally, large alder trees and scrub were coppiced to promote plant diversity and improve the bank side and in-stream habitat.

    This project was funded by the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) under their Water Framework Directive – Environment Programme Catchment Partnership Action Fund 2015-2016 and undertaken together with the West Berkshire Farming and Countryside Project. For more on this project see the presentation on the Bradfield Mill Fish Bypass by Sally Wallington.

  2. Pangbourne - Possible works at Thames Water Works site to improve fish passage subject to appropriate design and permission from the owner.

  3. Stanford Dingley – Flooding occurs around the Mill and bridge area. Requires frequent channel maintenance to maintain capacity. Possible removal/ modification of weir to allow fish passage and improve upstream habit.

  4. River banks below Hampstead Norreys - Fencing the river on both banks, ensuring that there is reduced access for livestock, is really important to safeguard and maintain the natural balance along the River’s edge. Estimated costs of fencing both banks of a 10km stretch are of the order of £20,000.

Projects Map
Bradfield Mill
Stanford Dingley
River Banks