30th July 2014 - Hampstead Norreys village hall

Summary of actions from the meeting

Brian Connorton (BC) – Pang Valley Flood Forum Technical Group
Dick Greenaway (DG) – W Berks Countryside Society
Graham Osborn (GO) – Thames Water
Neil Tytler (NT) – FWR
Sally Wallington (SW) – W Berks Farming & Countryside Project

Apologies we received from Alison Love, Jennie Balmer and Mark Barnett (all EA) due to a combination of illness and prior commitments however JB would be available after 11:30 to answer any questions over the telephone. Maxine Forshaw also sent her apologies for not attending due to a prior medical appointment.

  1. SW updated the group on her meeting with the Pang and Sulham landowners. To a greater or lesser extent the estates were not resistant to undertaking improvement and mostly keen to cooperate but to their own timescales – this needs coordinating.

  2. NT appraised the group on the four bids to the River & Wetlands Community Days Fund (one each for the three sub-catchment rivers and one overall educational project). He expected to hear around the 8th August whether he had been successful. Any successful bids would be publicised in the catchment area of the FWR website. ACTION NT.

  3. DG mentioned that the EA are having a Flood Forum in September/October entitled “Preparing for winter” organised by Janet Japey. Both he and BC questioned whether there was sufficient time left to organise volunteers to do river work as they may need training from the EA first and time was running out.

  4. SW mentioned that she had put in a bid with the Wild Trout Trust for improvements around Stanford Dingley and that Jenni Balmer has applied for £150k of internal EA funding for a variety projects in the catchment. ACTION SW, JB.

  5. NT raised the question of a HLF fund bid for a “Trout in the Schools” project in the catchment but there was not a lot of support from the group for the idea. However actually getting schools in the river doing river dipping etc is supported. The John Simonds Trust, at Rushall Farm have thousands of pupils visit and they do river studies on the Pang. Action SW to approach JST.

  6. There was some discussion regarding other sources of funding. GO promised to get back to the group on the different initiatives that Thames Water were funding, together with details of who to contact and how to go about applying to TW. Small scale funding - SDF from North Wessex Downs AONB. They may be interested in a wider North Wessex Downs chalk streams project which would include Hampshire. ACTION GO.

  7. Under AOB BC passed to GO photographs of misconnections in the Pang where sewage had been seen overflowing during the last winter’s floods. GO would investigate further and report back. ACTION GO.

    BC and DG reminded NT over his commitment, made at the Steering Group meeting, to put up on the FWR website photos taken by DG of last winter’s flooding along the Pang valley. NT apologised for forgetting and would contact the EA for the pictures and get them put up on the FWR website. ACTION NT.

NBT 04/08/14
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